Mr Mike’s Plumbers

If you’re considering hiring a plumber, there are many advantages to working with Mr. Mike’s Plumbers. The company has friendly technicians and an owner who is just a phone call away. They know their customers by name and treat them with respect. Their goal is to make you happy with the work they do.


Plumbing repairs are among the most frustrating parts of maintaining a home, so finding the right person for the job can be challenging. But the good news is that there are many professionals to call for help. Whether you need a toilet repaired or a sump pump replacement, Mr. Mike’s Plumbers Calgary has the expertise and experience needed to get the job done right.

The business is always staffed with qualified professionals. They are always available to serve their customers, and they provide excellent customer service. Their rates are competitive, and they also provide 24-hour emergency service.

Customer service

The company has an open work environment and pays good wages. They offer benefits and encourage employees to learn new skills. The owner is always thinking of new ways to improve customer service. You will get to work with friendly, helpful people who love to serve clients. The company has five interview questions.

The company offers a 100% guarantee. It is family-owned and operated and offers a range of plumbing services. Its certified technicians can handle a variety of plumbing repairs, new constructions, and upgrades. They can also perform sewer video inspections and backflow prevention testing. Their team can work on emergencies 24 hours a day.


Mike’s Plumbers pays its employees well. The average salary range depends on the position and the department. The company also offers relocation expenses to new employees. Plumbing services are in high demand, and this company pays its employees well enough to live comfortably. Moreover, it offers a guarantee of work.


When you hire a plumber from Mr. Mike’s, you can expect a great company culture and a competitive salary. The company owner is hands-on and always thinking of ways to improve the quality of service they offer. They hire friendly people who enjoy serving their clients. Employees also have the ability to learn new skills.

The company is family owned and operated. Owner Mike Losoya, Jr., has been in the industry for more than 38 years and has worked his way to the top. He is originally from Robinson, Illinois, and started his career working for UA Local 157 in Terre Haute, Indiana. After completing his apprenticeship, he obtained his associate’s degree in applied science from Ivy Tech State College. After gaining valuable work experience in various projects, he began his career in leadership.


If you’re looking for a plumbing company with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Mr. Mike’s Plumbers is a great place to work. The company has a friendly voice answering the phone that’s easy to understand, and the employees are treated with respect. The company also offers great service at a fair price. Owner Mike began the business as a one-man operation and has now grown to employ several plumbers and office associates. It is a 24-hour business that serves the entire city of Calgary.

Mike Losoya, Jr., began his career at a young age with a passion for electronics. He liked to open up all kinds of electronic devices and figure out how they worked. Eventually, he chose to major in electrical shop over electronics.


Wealth Management For High-Net-Worth Individuals

Wealth management

Wealth management is the process of advising high-net-worth individuals on financial matters. The services of wealth managers are offered to a wide range of clients. These clients include super-wealthy individuals and high-net-worth individuals. These individuals may be self-directed or they may work with a professional advisor. Go to https://www.perks.com.au to learn more.

Tax planning

When deciding how to best handle taxes, business owners need to consider several factors. For example, they must evaluate their revenue and future projections, and market conditions. They should also plan ahead, making sure to set aside a certain amount of money each month for taxes. Doing so will prevent unpleasant surprises at tax time.

A good financial advisor can help clients take advantage of current tax rates, credits, and laws. This can help them reduce their tax burden and build their wealth. Tax planning and wealth management go hand-in-hand, and should be an integral part of your overall wealth management strategy.

Asset allocation

This authoritative resource bridges the gap between modern perspectives of asset allocation and its practical implementation. Its approach is based on the latest research and offers practical advice that can be applied by the average person. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to maximize their financial future. This book will show you how to create an optimal asset allocation plan for your financial situation.

The first step in creating an ideal asset allocation plan is determining your time horizon. For example, if you plan to retire within the next 20 years, you may not be able to invest as much as you would like to. Therefore, you need to create an asset allocation plan that preserves your capital while providing upside opportunities, but not too much risk. Different asset allocation strategies will require different time horizons and risk appetites.

Tax-loss harvesting

Tax-loss harvesting can be a great way to offset the drag of taxation on your investment portfolio. It also works well during market corrections and volatility. In fact, it has been predicted that there will be three years of market volatility in a row in the next three years, so there could have been a good time to harvest tax losses. But it is important to remember that this strategy can be complex and requires the help of a tax professional. The first step is to understand how tax-loss harvesting works and which strategies work best for your portfolio.

One way to maximize the use of tax-loss harvesting is to sell capital assets at a loss. The idea behind this strategy is to use the realized loss as an offset against any subsequent capital gains. While this strategy will require a great deal of discipline, it can provide significant tax savings. It is also possible to hold the invested capital for an extended period and use the realized loss to offset capital gains. Additionally, a small percentage of the realized loss may be deducted from ordinary income.


Robo-advisors are financial tools that manage investments for you. They can serve as a first-level advisor to your investments and analyze all your data to determine the best options for you. These automated tools are constantly learning and evolving. They can also help you plan and allocate your investments.

Robo-advisors are designed to be easy to use. They offer you an online platform so that you can sign up from the convenience of your computer. You will be asked about your account type. You can choose between a taxable account and a Roth account. IRAs have attractive tax benefits, but there are limits to your contributions. Roth IRAs also have withdrawal limits.

Robo-advisors differ in their level of personalization. While they are able to take into account certain goals and requirements, they still lack the human touch that a human advisor can provide. This means that they are unable to understand every individual’s needs and goals.

Reputation of a wealth manager

Reputation is one of the most important criteria for choosing a wealth manager. Investors look for a wealth manager with an excellent reputation and who can anticipate market behavior. They also want a wealth manager who can provide quality information and advice. In addition, they expect the wealth manager to communicate frequently with their clients and not rely solely on quarterly reports.

Brand recognition is an important factor, but it should not be given too much weight. Some wealth management firms are part of larger banking groups and can draw on the brand strength of their parent institution. They also may have an extensive multi-channel marketing budget. However, there are other wealth management firms that purposely remain low-key and rely on word-of-mouth recommendations.